Saturday, 12 February 2011

007 - Airplane! (1980)

I don't know anything about this film, but I do know this; it's downright silly.

I'll admit I tend to be quite silly, and very silly from time to time, but this film is too silly - even for me!

The storyline is simple, the lines are sharp and witty, and the characters are incompetent morons. It's much the same as any other spoof comedy but older and more innocent by modern standards. Think Monty Python with American accents.

The story is a cliche-driven series of events seperated only by throwaway comments taken literally. It centers around an ex-military pilot scared of flying (cliche) who spontaneously follows his airhost ex-girlfriend on a flight in a bid to patch things up with her (cliche) when everyone on the plane becomes ill, and he must overcome his fear of flying in order to save the day... cliche cliche CLICHE!

This film had its moments, but overall it didn't hold my attention.

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  1. The subtle humour was obviously lost on you then ;)

  2. Not at all.
    The subtlety to the humour was pleasantly refreshing, but in general it was completely unnecessary and actually confused the storyline in places.

    "How long do we have left [until the plane crashes]?"
    *checks microwave*
    "About two minutes."
    Funny and suprisingly subtle as this is, do any of the characters know what's going on? Does this minor event bare any relevance?

    Like I said above, I actually liked the humour in it... But the film's lack of events in general didn't hold my attention well.

  3. I'm afraid that's simply because the movie is a spoof. What sort of spoof doesn't have over exaggerated comedy? It's a bit like saying you don't like period dramas because they wear frilly collars.