Monday, 31 January 2011

002 - The Accidental Tourist (1988)

The saying that no man is an island plays strongly throughout the film The Accidental Tourist – an insight into the turning point in the life of Macon Leary (William Hunt) where his island of a life drifts back to the mainland of society.

The death of his son sent Macon’s life spiralling into isolation, not helped by his job as a tour guide writer, which keeps him away from his wife for weeks on end. Eventually his marriage breaks down, and he has no-one but his late son’s dog for company.

That is until he meets the kooky, overbearing dog trainer, Muriel (Greena Davis), who forces herself into his life as much as she forces him into her own.

The mood of the story is constantly sombre, aided greatly by William Hunt’s excellent portrayal of the recluse, mumbling writer and the clever use of soundtrack. Despite the slow pace, it can be viewed as a comedy in its clever use of irony laced through the relationships of the characters, even if it is rarely laugh-out-loud funny.

The film’s ending really draws all the strands seperate strands of the storyline to a firm knot, and Macon finally stops saying “maybe” to life and makes a decision other than what is expected of him by his family.

I personally liked this film, but was not blown away. Its many clever devices, and engaging story can easily be missed due to the lack of excitment. If you want a laugh-out-loud comedy along the same lines, I’d point you towards Yes Man. If you want a truly meaningful story of a troubled man turning his life around, this is perfect.

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